Weekly Rotation (Aug 1st)

Here are the songs that I will shamelessly have on repeat for the entire week and the reasons why. Some of them aren’t new releases. They are songs that I randomly remembered existed and listened to them, then instantly got re-hooked. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do. If you have any recommendations feel free to leave a comment under this blog post, or over on my Instagram @fromkadraya. Your rec might end up in next week’s playlist! *CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY*

So it’s no surprise that one of the songs included in this weeks playlist has Changmo as a feature on it. I am OBSESSED with that man! But besides having Changmo and Jay Park on it, this song is so cute. It’s very cheesy and romantic as the name suggests. But we also get to hear Big Naughty’s vocals while he name drops famous composers like Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven, and paints a romantic scene comparable to a scene from Titanic. Honorable mention to Changmo saying “If you want, can I be your Changmo” 🥰 Long story short, run and listen to this song guys!

  • BRB by H1GHR MUSIC is an obvious pick because who doesn’t love a label collab song. Getting to hear everyone on one track…*chefs kiss*. I’m also glad they decided to drop a colab song especially after announcing that Sik-K and Jay B will not be renewing their contracts with the label.
  • 2AM by Leellamarz is kinda like a “sneaky link” song but somehow him and Camo managed to make it sound so cute and romantic. I’m a sucker for Leellamarz’s voice, and am also staring to get into Camo.
  • Summer by Paul Blanco is another recent release. After seeing the Dingo video performance of this, I quickly added it to my playlist. Paul Blanco is SUPER talented so I expected nothing less from him. I’m also glad BE’O is the feature because his voice is so light and soothing, and ever since his debut on SMTM last season, I can’t get enough of him.
  • Summer Fling by JERO…do you sense the theme too? Why not add another summer titled song to the list. Anything JERO makes is SPICY, and this song combines that with an upbeat “summer-esque” beat. What isn’t there to like about this song?

Again…another Changmo appearance. At least 1 Changmo song will be in my playlists every week tbh. Sorry not sorry! Decided to add Maestro to this week’s playlist because I was reminded of how much I was obsessed with this song a couple weeks ago when the 6 year anniversary of it’s release passed. If Changmo is playing the piano in the song…it’s an automatic banger. And all of Changmo’s ‘baby bition boy’ songs have a special place in my heart.

  • Freak by lIlBOI is definitely my favorite song from SMTM9. I decided to start back listening to SMTM songs to prepare myself for the airing of SMTM11. Freak is such a great song overall, but definitely my favorite verse on the song comes from ChillinHomie. He ATE!.. (Don’t hate me but honestly if Sky MinHyuk wasn’t on the song….it would be perfect 😬). And last but not least, of course Wonstein being on it the song makes it a strong 9/10!
  • Go by MUSHVENOM….Y’ALL NEED TO STOP SLEEPING ON MUSHVENOM! I love his music so much because I honestly haven’t heard anyone or anything like him before. He has such a unique vibe and style. But what snatches me into this song…is Simon Dominc 😩
  • POSE! by Simon Dominic…do I need to even explain why anything that comes out of this man’s mouth is a hit? This is definitely my #feelin’myself song for the week. This song makes me want to dance, and it also makes me want to take selfies

Whelp, there ya have it! Go check out these songs. I’ll probably be making an official playlist and posting the link on my Instagram later this week. Until next time….

From Kadraya, With Love.


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