Jinnie’s New Single ‘drip drop’

Hello my lovely readers! It’s been forever, so I thought what better way to kick off my upcoming posts than to talk about new music!

Jinnie dropped her single ‘drip drop’ on November 16th. She must’ve know that we needed a pre Thanksgiving vaca gift. Before we get into how I feel about the song, let me take a moment to fangirl over the single’s cover art, and the posts on her Instagram leading up to the single drop. I already knew Jinnie was photogenic, but gosh *swoons*. The cover photo and the blue theme is so beautiful. In case you missed it…..her ya go! (But seriously….if you aren’t following Jinnie on Instagram…what are you doing with your life!)

Since the cover photos were so breathtakingly beautiful, I figured that the single would follow suit and snatch me….and that’s exactly what it did.

As I expected from Jinnie, she managed yet again to show how delicate, yet sultry, airy and even galactic her voice is! Listening to her music always makes me feel either warm and fuzzy , or like I’m sitting in a field of flowers on a clear spring day (sans my allergies of course!)

“I feel it in the Ether, I feel it in the air”. 😌🥰

Basically what I’m trying to say is…. if you haven’t listened to this single yet…you need to go do it now. All of the links are below. Until next time….From Kadraya, With Love.

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22. Brooklyn Raised. Self Proclaimed Professional Fangirl.

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