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Hello my lovely readers! I’m back with another interview. Before we get started, I’d like to thank this artist for first of all agreeing to answer some questions for my blog back when I was just getting started and didn’t even have an official site. And I’d also like to thank him for being patient because I’ve been holding on to this interview since last year and I’m just now getting around to posting it!

So without further ado, lemme introduce ya’ll to the ever so kind, ever so talented, Fresh Prince of Atlanta….Alan Z!

Before I give ya’ll the run down of how/when I first heard of Alan Z, I’d like to take a second to promote his album that actually dropped today. The album is called Face Value and you can find the link to it at the bottom of this blog post.

I first stumbled across Alan Z and his music on Instagram back in 2017. He’s a singer, rapper and actor born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s worked with industry veterans like Raphael Saadiq and Full Force. His music has also been featured on Netflix in “Wu Assassins”, the CW show “iZombie”, Fox Sports 1, Fuse and more.

Some of the first content that I saw of his was the skits he used to make with his friends. Then after lurking through his Instagram, I discovered he had some music out and a few months later he dropped his album First Time’s the Charm. He was kind enough to even send me an autographed copy! The song from that album that I used to have on repeat in my car was “All of You”. I played that song so much that my Papa knew the words and sang it along with me! (We stan a woke Papa) The album gives early 2000s R&B vibes. Alan Z’s vocals flow like a Ne-Yo or Trey Songs. He makes a lot of sensual slow jams.

I’d also like to give honorable mention to his song “Fortress”. It’s another one of his songs in my heavy rotations.

Here’s a clip from the music video for “Fortress”

Besides being an all around talented artist, over the past year Alan Z has used his platform to be an advocate as well. During the BLM movement, Alan Z boldly spoke up and used his voice to speak against racism, Black & Asian solidarity and many more pressing topics. And to this day he continues to spread awareness through his platform.

Enough with the intro…let’s get into the interview!

  • When and why/how did you get into music?

“My journey with music started when I discovered Eminem in 3rd grade. Before him, I would listen to N’Sync but as soon as I heard about Em, I instinctively wanted to do exactly what he did out of pure admiration. From there, I started learning about his peers like Jay-Z and Nas, and I fell into the hip-hop rabbit hole. I was studying all the greats from the past, from Rakim and Big Daddy Kane to Kool G. Rap and KRS-One. I was drawn to hip-hop because it was the only constant in my life, and as a timid kid who was bullied half his life, it was the only outlet that allowed me to say “F-U” to everyone who doubted me or put me down. I started singing at 15 because I wanted to get girls lol. As I got older, music became the vehicle for me to drive my points across and have the platform of influence to be a voice for the Asian-American community.”

  • Who/what inspires you as an artist?

“Eminem, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Bruce Lee, Keni Styles, Royce da 5’9”, 2Pac, Will Smith, Chino XL, Ras Kass, D12, 50 Cent, Rakim”

  • Using 3 words, describe yourself as an artist and why?

Resilient…because I have been to hell and back, but I have never given up on my dreams and goals. Driven…because as soon as I make my mind up on something, I give it 110% until I reach the finish line. Innovative… because no matter what card I am dealt, I always find a way to create opportunities for myself.

  • Out of all of your music/projects/collabs, which is your favorite and why?

“My favorite collaborations are “Rare” with Chow Mane and “Dojo” with Jason Chu. I’ve become great friends with both artists, and I felt like we had a “moment” with each of those songs. I often open my performance sets with “Rare”, which always hypes up the crowd. And “Dojo” became my most streamed song on Spotify with over 290,000 streams so far. My favorite song at the moment is my … single “Blame It On Me”…”

Chile….as ya’ll can see, I am super late posting this! “Blame It on Me Dropped” last year on April 15th😭😭
  • Throughout your artistic journey/career, has there ever been a difficult time or obstacle that you had to face? What helped you overcome it?

“By far the biggest obstacle in my journey has been my race. Every time it seemed like I was close to making it, me being Asian always came up as an issue. I went through so many industry mentors and managers who had either blatant ignorance or reluctance to push me because they never worked with an Asian artist. Of course, now that there’s BTS, they suddenly see the value in us. But no matter who dropped the ball or failed to push the launch button, I always picked myself up and said “F— it, I’ll do it myself.” And I never stopped building my own following and creating my own lane, regardless of who else comes in the picture. “

And there you have it! I’m honored to be able to share with you guys this up-close and personal look into Alan Z. Please go and support him by following him on Instagram and checking out his music on all streaming platforms. Below you can find the link to his new album Face Value👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Face Value Pre-Save Link:

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Till next time,

From Kadraya, With Love

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