Clubby Yoo

Let me introduce ya’ll to another one of my fav yet slept on, Incheon South Korea born, Palisades Park New Jersey based, rapper/singer/songwriters. To start this one off, I have to say that this guy is always grinding and working hard for his music. And he’s one fo the chillest and humble dudes out there. Meet Clubby!

I think I first stumbled across Clubby on Instagram 2 years ago. I started listening to the stuff that he had out on Soundcloud. From then till now, I can definitely say that he has grown a lot. I also have gotten to see him perform live at a few gigs, and his energy is contagious. I also respect the amount of love and appreciation he always shows to his fans.

He’s constantly grinding and putting out new content. Fame aside, you can tell he genuinely enjoys standing behind the mic. He pours himself into his craft and he’s proud of the the end result. His sound and flow is different from other up and coming Asian-American rappers/singers.

He will be dropping his first official debut project called “24” on October 24th. The inspiration for the name comes from his age and what he’s experienced throughout those 24 years. 24 is also Kobe Bryant’s number and Kobe was a huge role model, so he’ll be paying homage to him with this debut project. Stay tuned!

Another big event coming up for Clubby will be his performance in the Joy Ruckus Club Virtual Music Festival, which will be the world’s largest Asian American virtual music festival. This is going down on October 17th-18th. He’ll be featured alongside many other well known Asian American artists including Eric Nam, Luna, Kevin Woo and more! The link to get tickets to this event will be at the bottom of this post.

When he’s not free styling on Instagram live, and dropping heat, he also posts covers, which highlight his vocal capabilities.

Clubby covering “Focus” by H.E.R

3 songs that you definitely need to check out by Clubby are “Company”, “Been Thru the Most” and “Don’t You Know”. The links to all of these songs will be below.

Clubby Performing his song “Been Through the Most”

“Music has just always been a part of who I am. It just always made sense.”

“What makes me different from other artists is that I have a heavy trap soul sound and the vibe that I give off is very different than others.”

Some of his musical inspirations include A Boogie with the Hoodie, The Weekend, Bryson Tiller and PartyNextDoor.

“I had many setbacks in my career like being doubted and people always trying to take advantage of my kindness. What helped me get through it was the inspiration that I drew from the doubts. It just made me work harder.”

Here’s a little clip of him performing Live at MK Karaoke on Dec 20th, last year.


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