The only other Korea-based Artist that I’ve featured in my Blog Interview Series is KINDA…Well, today I’m back with another one. Meet WTHR.!

WTHR. is a 24 year old, South Korea native, R&B singer. He hasn’t had an official debut, but you can find his music on Soundcloud. I hope that in the future his career progresses and his voice get’s heard on a grander scale and larger platform. His performance name is an abbreviation of the word weather. He said that “weather makes you feel different. So I want to change your feelings, and make you feel better with my music.”

A fan-page introduced me to his music a couple months ago, and since then I’ve added a few of his songs to my Soundcloud playlists.

These days, I’ve really been enjoying his song “Mamacita”. It’s such a good background song. It has an upbeat tune, and his vocals remind me of summer weather. I listen to it on repeat when I study.


My all time favorite song by him would definitely be “Take My Hand” which is on his A Deep Lake EP. It has chill- trap hiphop vibes.

Take My Hand

There are a lot of gems on the A Deep Lake EP. Ya’ll should just head to Soundcloud and listen to all of his music. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with at least one song. His music combines the hip-hop genre with soft pop and a little R&B. WTHR.’s voice has very soothing, neutral tones.

Now let’s get into the interview!

  • When and why/how did you get into music?

“When I was 18, I saw Show Me The Money. That was a great inspiration.”

Show Me The Money is a Korean TV show competition where rappers and singers from around Korea try out to make it on the show, get mentored by well known artists and producers, and compete for first place and the grand prize and title of being the SMTM champion. I’m such a huge fan of the show and have been following it since season 2. I highly recommend checking it out! The 9th season is kicking off soon.
  • Who/what inspires you as an artist?

“Internationally, I’m inspired by Ty Dolla $ign. In Korea, Jay Park.”

  • Using 3 words, describe yourself as an artist.

“Sympathy, Love and Peace”

  • Out of all of your music, which is your favorite and why?

“Mamacita is a great song and it’s underrated”

Ya’ll hear that? Go show “Mamacita” some love!
  • If you could collab with anyone, who would you pick?

“Ty Dolla $ign. I think that I’ll upgrade so much”

  • What is one thing that makes you different from other artists?

“My lyricism and the attitude of my music. I never think that music=money. I want to give my audience that energy when I make a song.”

And that wraps up this post. WTHR. isn’t famous yet guys, so he definitely needs your support. Follow him on Instagram. He goes live there pretty often to interactive with his fans. He truly does appreciate every single one of ya’ll who support/will support him!

Until next time,

From Kadraya With Love

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One thought on “WTHR.

  1. Hi ya’ll, this Robin from S.A., Tx and I would like to thank Kadraya for bringing another really nice artist to light by the name of WTHR. Kadray, this was a great find girl. Thank you so much for the link click in. I don’t really know anything about SoundCloud, so if you hadn’t told me about it and provided the quick link in, I would have missed out on hearing his music. I only go on Spotify. I really enjoyed WTHR’S music. I listened to it over and over and fell asleep with it. I like it and hopefully he gets on Spotify or YouTube soon. Thanks again my Sista!

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