Strangers From Hell

I’ve finally gotten around to writing this review for you guys. This drama was so good that I breezed through 9/10 episodes within 4 days. But it took me a WHOLE 3 MONTHS to finally wrap it up and watch the final episode. So much crazy stuff happened in the 9 episodes that I had to pause because I wasn’t ready for the finale. If you haven’t watched it yet, my condolences because this post will contain some spoilers because ya girl has to SPILL the TEA. I’ll try to be as vague as possible, because I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you go watch this drama on Netflix as soon as you read this post. Let’s get into it!

For starters, if you aren’t in to the whole melodramatic, cheesy, cliche, genre of K-Dramas (which makes up the mass majority of dramas)….THIS IS THE DRAMA for you. It’s a bone chilling, psychological thriller that will have you either scratching your head in confusion, scrambling to figure out “who done it”, or just speechless.

Right off the bat, words can not explain how shocked I am that they have my boy Lee Dong Wook portraying a serial killing, psychopath, that doubles as a hard working, kind-hearted” dentist during the day. The dentist part of the role makes sense lol. He’s tall, slender, has long fingers, that charming but also chilling smile. I was all for it…BUT THEN they completely flipped the switch and revealed that he WAS A WHOLE MURDERERRRRR! I was not expecting it at all. After seeing him in countless romance dramas, and even seeing him as a Grim Reaper in the drama Goblin..I wasn’t expecting this at all. That goes to show that Lee Dong Wook is definitely a versatile and talented actor. This man plays sexy and cute well, but he also plays “throat slasher” well too.

Found this edit on Youtube that pretty much sums up what I just said about Dong Wook playing the whole “creepy” role SO WELL

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest. Lemme tell ya’ll about the plot.

So basically the show starts off with this guy from a small town moving to Seoul because he got a new job, and his girlfriend also lives in Seoul. He struggles to find and affordable apartment to live in….so he settles on this tiny, rat-hole sized room, in a run-down, old and dirty apartment building called Eden Studio, located in a small neighborhood.

The building is home to psychotic twins, a weird shut-in who’s obsessed with porn, a gangster (who clearly was not in with the “murder squad” since he didn’t last long), and Dong Wook’s character who doesn’t fit in to the buildings vibe at all, since he’s a well known/successful dentist. The building is run by this extremely nosey, older woman….who is also in on the killing sprees that soon come later on in the show.

What makes the show creepy is the series of events. When it becomes obvious that the “murder gang” is playing mind games with the new comer, you yourself start questioning whether they’re really messing with him…or if he’s simply going crazy because of the stress of his crappy living situation, relationship problems and trouble back at home and work. There would be scenes where the lead character is so scared that I could see the fear in his eyes, and a chill would run up my spine.

What solidified the “creep-value” of this drama for me is the fact that throughout the show, the murder-squad tenants all gather together to eat 육회 (Yukhoe) which is a Korean dish that basically consists of seasoned raw strips of beef. BUT THE TWIST is that it’s NOT BEEF. It’s human meat! The flesh of previous victims…. Ya’ll I was shook.

Throughout the show, there’s this rookie cop who is also trying to figure out what’s going on behind the walls of the Eden Studio. She is literally the only person who takes our lead’s side and believes that something sinister has to be going down inside that apartment building.

Now on to the FINALE! I’ve never been so excited to see how a drama ends before. But this ending was definitely one for the books. I don’t wan’t to really spoil the ending because it was definitely my favorite episode. All I have to say is that if you watch the drama and make it to the end, you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

Every single one the cast members fit their roles perfectly. I had previous seen a few of them in other dramas. But each and every single one of them, did the thanggg. They played their roles well, and honestly had me shook the whole time.

I’m not saying that this drama is “scary” but the mystery behind it all, the eerie and dark cinematography, and the jump-scares all combined, make the drama pretty chilling. I think that this is a perfect drama to watch during “Spooky-Season”.

I personally give this drama a 9/10. It wasn’t perfect for me simply because there are some scenes that seem to drag, and I did find myself wanting to skip forward a few minutes just to get to the action. But besides that, I think this one is definitely worth the watch guys. And also, it’s only 10 episodes, so you don’t have to commit for the usual 16+ episodes.

Until next time,

From Kadraya With Love.

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