Chow Mane

Hey guys! It’s been almost a whole month since I’ve put ya’ll on to another FUEGO artist. Thus far, my blog has featured only East Coast based, Asian- American artists. Let’s switch it up a bit. So to revive my Artist Interview series…meet Chow Mane!

Chow Mane is a rapper/songwriter/producer, born in Monterey on the Central Coast of California and raised in San Jose and Salinas California, in two completely different cultures.

I don’t really have a whole lot of backstory to tell about how I originally got into his music. I discovered him at the beginning of the NYC Covid lockdown, back in March. His song “Tasty!” was in one of my weekly Spotify recommendation playlists. It was the combination of funny bars, catchy lyrics, raspy voice and electro-hiphop type trap beats for meee. I ended up saving the whole SIMMERING album.

Just as his artist profile on Spotify says, he is “known for his diverse, colorful and deliciously tasty music. Combining…infectious delivery and playful lyrics, Chow Mane’s music rides a fine balance between West Coast hip-hop and experimental pop.”

I can honestly say that his music isn’t like anything I’ve listened to before. He has a very unique flow that I can’t even put into words. His music talks about his life while also paying homage to his California upbringing and Chinese/Vietnamese roots.

Music aside, I love how much of a foodie this man is. From making scandalous grilled cheese sandwiches on his Instagram story or just showcasing his local food spots and favorite meals (go follow his Instagram for this exclusive content lol) . His love for food stems from helping out at his grandma’s restaurant when he was growing up. In a CGTN interview, he said that “in Asian culture…sharing food and cooking for others is such an intimate form of family, friendship and camaraderie” and that’s the feeling he wants to bring to his music! And trust me, he does deliver that feeling.

My Favorite Chow Mane Songs:

  • The whole SIMMERING album (Honorable mention to “Crows”, “Ginseng”, “Sorry”, and “Flowers”
  • “Late Nites”
  • “Lighthouse”
  • “Mooncakes”
  • “Dumplings”

Last month Chow Mane dropped South Bay Summer, an 11 track album, along with a MV to accompany the song “San Jose”. Go check it out on all streaming platforms. If you’re from the South Bay area, you’ll definitely appreciate the work he put into this project.

Ya’ll already know what time it is. I reached out to Chow Mane and he agreed to answer some questions for this blog post. If you’re already a fan of his, you might learn some new things about him and if this is your first time hearing about Chow Mane, his answers just might turn you into a fan. Let’s get into it!

  • When and why did you start making music?

” I started producing back when I was maybe 14, and started rapping around the same time. I was just writing a bunch of punchlines during class for fun and spending my nights making knock-off beats in FL Studio 8.”

  • Who or what inspires you as a musician?

” I’m mostly inspired by my experiences, my community and my culture. I want to talk about what I’ve seen and gone/go through, but I also just like having fun and saying whatever I want in my music.”

  • Using 3 words, describe yourself and why?

“Tasty, deciduous, spicy.”

Yup, sounds about right. And yeah gurl, I had to look up “deciduous” too. Basically he’s eloquently saying that he’s very adaptable, able to reinvent himself when necessary.
  • Out of all of your music, which is your favorite and why?

“I really like the music I’m working on right now. I got a project called South Bay Summer…and a few other singles for the next year lined up.”

Can ya’ll tell how much of a procrastinator I am? He literally answered my questions before he dropped “South Bay Summer”..and now it’s October. Ya’ll really are the GOATs for putting up with me lol
  • Have you had any setbacks during your career? What helped you to get through them?

“Nothing substantial, I think there’s definitely an issue sometimes with low-key racism in the game (kids bringing calculators to my shows, saying dumb stuff to me, etc.) but nothing that’s stopped me in my tracks. I stay motivated to work on my craft everyday regardless.

PERIODT. I can’t help but appreciate his positivity and motivated attitude despite the small-mindedness of some of the people in the world around him.
  • If you could colab with any artist/musician, who would you pick?

“I’m not sure, I actually haven’t thought about it much. I mostly love making music with my friends, but if I catch a vibe from someone’s music, I’m always ready to work.”

  • What is one thing that makes you different from other artists?

“My music has a good versatility in being able to have some serious storytelling but also having songs where I’m saying absolutely nothing in the funnest and dumbest way I can. I like lyrics that make people giggle or go “?”, but also lyrics that make people feel feels.”

And z ya go. All in all, I think that Chow Mane’s music is definitely worth a listen and you guys should go check him out ASAP. All of the links to the songs mentioned in this post and his Instagram are below.

Until next time,

From Kadraya With Love.

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