I’m back with yet another slept on artist ya’ll need to listen to ASAP. Meet V1NO!

V1NO is a second generation, Korean-American K-Hiphop artist. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of the Korean-American artists I’ve featured thus far, I found out about by either via Instagram or by attending events in the NYC/NJ area to support one of my other artist friends.

My first time hearing V1NO’s music was about a year and a half ago, he popped up in my Instagram suggestions. I checked out his song “Me, Myself and I” and was impressed! Then I ended up seeing him perform live at MK Karaoke last December. His stage presence and performance were amazing. I felt like the crowd wasn’t amping him enough (I also have this bad lighting selfie of us together but I’ll spare ya’ll) … but anyways….

By far, my favorite thing about V1NO is his lyricism.

My Fav V1NO Songs Are:

  • “One More Time”
  • “I’m Lovin’ It” ft IV
  • Runaway
  • Sooner or Later
  • Pull Up (by HOOSDIS ft V1NO)

More recently he has teamed up with HOOSDIS (post about them coming SOON). They are a colab group of artists including David Kim, Jinnie, and more! Check out their collab songs!

Last week V1NO dropped his latest single “I’m Lovin’ It” along with some merch (currently no longer available)….and IT’S A WHOLE BOPP! But not only does it bump, it also has a deeper meaning to it. In a blog post by HipHopKr, V1NO said…

“Through this entire pandemic and looking back at all the good and bad times of my life, I’ve realized that happiness is relative…For me personally, each step of my music career hasn’t been the easiest but this song reminds me to love life at all times and I hope it does the same for my fans.”

V1NO & IV Say, “I’m Lovin’ It” in Spite of the Circumstances by HipHopKr

Ya’ll already know the drill. V1NO agreed to answer some questions for this post…so let’s get into it!

  • When and why/how did you get into music?

“I actually got into music growing up in the church. During my early teens, I fell in love with gospel and spoken word. I began performing spoken word and this naturally transitioned into rap.”

  • Who/what inspires you as an artist?

“As an artist, the biggest thing that inspires me is genuine emotion. Whether that be feelings of pain, joy, sorrow…emotions in general inspire me to convey that into my music. I want the listener to experience what I’ve experienced when they hear my music.”

  • Out of all of your music/projects/collabs, which is your favorite and why?

“Out of all my songs, I would have to say “Me, Myself, & I” would be my personal favorite, just because it’s a reminder to myself to keep going and to never give up on why I started this music journey in the first place.”

  • Have you had any set backs during your career? What helped you get through them?

“I guess the underlying theme for me as an artist is emotions. I think there has definitely been setbacks, whether that be financially, mentally, or whatever the case may be. But one thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain (as Bob Marley said). Each “setback” has actually been a stepping stone to making even better/genuine music. Although during the moments of these “setbacks”, it sucks and I hate it…in the bigger scheme of things it actually helps me as an artist.”

  • If you could collab with anyone, who would you pick and why?

“If I were to collab with any artist, it would have to be Dean. The reason I want to work on a track with Dean would be because I feel like Dean really talks about real issues and his lyrics are much more deeper than a lot of other artists. There is actual meaning and purpose. To even song write together would be really cool for me.”

  • What is one thing that sets you apart from other artists?

“I don’t know if this makes sense but I don’t mind crying in my music. I want my music to be like an open conversation with my listener. As they listen to the experiences I’ve had and the emotions I’ve been through and for them to either see a new perspective of emotion or share in that experience.”

After reading his answers, I can’t help but see his music in a new light. Not many artists put so much focus and effort into conveying emotion and feeling in their music. Most of the time the focus is on what will be the next hit. However that’s not the vibe I get from V1NO’s music. His music, the story and lyrics are all an immersive experience, where you can feel the message and emotions he’s trying to convey. I appreciate artists that take the time to pour themselves into the final product.

Long story short, ya’ll need to stop sleeping on V1NO and go show him some love and support and check out his music on all streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram. All of the links will be below! Until next time….

From Kadraya, With Love.

V1NO’s Links:

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