Shoutout to all of the underground and underrated New Jersey and NYC Korean-American singers, rappers, and producers. PVFFY falls into that category so let me introduce y’all to him. Let’s get into it!

PVFFY is a Korean-American singer/songwriter born and raised in Staten Island NY.

I first heard about him through another that artist I follow named Clubby Yoo (blog post about him will be coming in the future). There’s a circle of NYC/NJ based Korean-American singers, rappers and producers that have mic sessions and performances at clubs and other venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey.

So while I was at one of these events supporting Clubby, PVFFY performed and I was SNATCHED. All of the other performers were rappers, but PVFFY came on the mic with the Trey Songs vibes. He is a singer with smooth vocals. If you’re into r&b and prefer more vocal, chill music, PVFFY delivers.

I don’t really have a lot to say about PVFFY, since I’ve only recently discovered him. However what I can say is that he is talented, and when you check out his music, you can’t help but melt in his vocals. Period.

My favorite PVFFY song’s are…

  • Only Me
  • Wild Thorns
  • Sick N Tired
  • Lost

I love that most of his songs are love songs. Be it falling in love or falling out of it, he has a song that accompanies those feelings/moments.

As I mentioned before, he is definitely a “hidden gem”. His music is very underrated and deserves more spotlight. So what better way to put y’all on to him than to hear what he has to say. Ya’ll know the drill. I asked him some questions and he provided the answers. Let’s get into it!

Question 1: When and why/how did you get into music?

“I always gravitated towards music as a kid. My mom wanted me to play classical instruments while growing up and as I got older, I started playing music the way I wanted to.”

Shout out to everyone whose parents made them play classical music growing up *glares at the violin sitting in the corner of my room*

Question 2: Who/what inspires you as an artist?

“God inspires me as an artist. I personally feel as though God gave me this thing that I’d call a gift for music and I want to do my best to represent Him with it. And if it doesn’t work out, at least I’m trying.”

Question 3: Using 3 words, describe yourself as an artist and why?

“Tall, damaged, onion. I’ve been through my fair share of trauma as a fatherless kid growing up and there’s a lot of layers to myself that I don’t show right away. With music too, I peel back layers as I continue to develop into the artist I want to be.”

Question 4: Out of all of your music, what is your favorite and why?

“I can’t say that I have a favorite song of mine. I think I’m (my) own worst critic and I don’t know if I’ll ever have a favorite song of mine.”

Well that pretty much sums up this blog post. Go show PVFFY some love. The links to all his songs mentioned in this post, and his Instagram are below. Until next time,

From Kadraya, With Love.


Published by fromkadraya

23. Brooklyn Raised. Self Proclaimed Professional Fangirl. Avid Korean-Hiphop Enthusiast. Pretty Decent Chef/ Mac and Cheese Connoisseur. Bestie Vibes.

2 thoughts on “PVFFY

  1. YASSSSSS, PVFFY, YASSSSSS! OH BOY, Once again you have introduced me to some VERY VERY NICCCCE music. My goodness I need to marry him! HAHA 😄. I have put all his music in my SPOTIFY Playlist and started following him. Thanks Kadraya you’ve done again girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Robin! I’m glad you’re enjoying his music as much as I do. PVFFY is so sweet and is very talented. He has some music and MVs dropping in the near future so stay tuned. Thanks again for supporting my blog and the artists I feature.
      With Lots of Love,
      From Kadraya


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