Have ya’ll heard of my boy KINDA? No? Let’s get into it!

Meet KINDA(킨다)! He’s a Korean singer/songwriter/producer. Born and raised in Daegu, South Korea. He is a former trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment. I’ve been a fan of KINDA for a VERY LONG TIME. I’ve been a fan since his pre-debut K-pop days. Yes. KINDA was previously a member (named Nakta) of the K-pop group TOPPDOOG, and that’s how I first discovered him, back in 2014. He was my bias.

After the group disbanded and re-branded, I was obviously delighted to hear that he continued making music under the alias KINDA (he was barely getting lines or screen-time as a member of TOPPDOOG, so being a solo artist has DEFINITELY done this man some justice!). As KINDA, he has been able to showcase his vocal skills while also developing his own style and showcasing individuality.

His music style is electric-pop and R&B. In March of 2018, he dropped his first solo album “Anointed” and of course I died and went to fan-gurl heaven that day. The whole album is beautiful! I usually go for music that falls under the hip-hop genre. However, I think that KINDA’s vocal abilities shine through for me in his album.

My Favorite KINDA Songs:

  • “Trippin”
  • “For Me”
  • “Swear to God” w/ Gabby Onme
  • “Trainwreck” w/ Gabby Onme
  • “True Face” w/ Gabby Onme

More recently, KINDA has teamed up with an artist named Gabby Onme and flexed his producer capabilities. The music they make together is different from the style that he previously showcased on his “Anointed” album. These songs have a more Trap/Hip-Hop/EDM vibe, which I LOVE! The two joined together and created a label called Anointed Productions.

I am excited to see what KINDA has up his sleeve, and I’m patiently waiting for him to drop more music. I think that his breakthrough as a solo artist shows that he truly is talented.

This is a “Spill the Tea” post so obviously I reached out to him and YES HE AGREED to answer some questions from my blog. When he responded to my Instagram message, I FLATLINED.

I was not honestly not expecting him to respond. His response was definitely a confidence booster for me, because it encouraged me to reach out to some more of my fav artists (ones that have larger followings). So thanks KINDA for taking the time to answer these questions for me. (I’m still dying as I type out this blog post!)

Now let’s see what KINDA has to say!

Question 1: When and why/how did you get into music?

“I started music as a freshman in high school. From then on I enrolled to study music composition and producing.”

Question 2: Who/what inspires you as an artist?

“When I was young, I listened to DeAngelo and Music Soulchild a lot and these days I enjoy listening to Travis Scott and Partynextdoor.”

Question 3: Using 3 words, describe yourself as an artist and why?

“Perseverance. There were many trials and errors within the process but my passion kept me going. Perfection. I take great pride in my work and always strive for perfection in every project. Challenge. I always like to challenge myself to make new sounds and add value to the creativity of music as an art platform and a product for listeners.”

Question 4: Out of all of your music/projects/collabs, which is your favorite and why?

“Honestly, every project I have been apart (of) has made me better as a musician. As for the most memorable, I would say the single “Swear to God” with Gabby Onme is one that stands out. It was because me and Gabby were able to join our talents and visions to create a label independently to create this first project. From the producing, recording, to the music video, it was the first of many projects to come for our label: Anointed Productions.”

“Swear to God” is a BANGER!

Question 5: Throughout your journey/career, has there ever been a difficult time or obstacle? What helped you to overcome it?

“I have never had a difficulty when it comes down to music because it was always my passion and hobby. As for the music industry itself, the way I dealt with complications was to always focus on myself as a musician and producer and to keep growing as an artist. With time, the external difficulties would always pass. Because to me, it was and is always about the music.”

*swoons* I stan.

I don’t know about you guys, but after reading his answers I’m touched. I can feel the passion behind his words. “…it was and is always about the music”. WOW. I felt that.

Clearly, KINDA has come a long way and still has much further to go and to accomplish in the music industry. Of course, ya girl has her seat belt buckled and is ready for the ride.

Go check out KINDA’s music on all streaming platforms and find him on Instagram. The links to all the songs mentioned in this post will be below.

If you guys have any suggestions or ideas about questions you would like me to ask the artists, leave a comment below or message me on Instagram! I would love to get some feedback from you guys.

Until next time,

From Kadraya,With Love.


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