Ted Park

You guys know that I always show love to artists who in my opinion are getting SLEPT ON! Ted Park, is one of them for sure. Let me put ya’ll on.

So Ted Park is a 25 year old (born December 4, 1994) Wisconsin born, Korean-American rapper and singer. Many people are completely unaware of the fact that he is a member of Jay Park’s label H1ghr Music (thanks to the fact that H1ghr treats Ted like a step child and BARELY PROMOTES HIM!…but we’ll get into that later).

I think that Ted is the epitome of patience and humility, because he is constantly grinding and working hard to reach the fame that he rightfully deserves. PERIOD!

I discovered his music back in 2016 on Twitter. The song was “I Know”. When I first heard the song, it put a smile on my face. It’s a cringey summer love song, set to a Chris Brown-type beat. Over the years he dropped many more bops including “Me Love”, “Zeus”, and “Broke”. He’s also worked with a lot of recognized K-hip hop artists including G2, Jessi, pH-1, Dumbfounded, and Jay Park.

My top 5 favorite Ted Park songs are…

  • Jjajang Miami
  • Me Love
  • Back Back Back
  • Next To U
  • Ugly

Ted Park’s music for the most part is always upbeat and chill and sometimes romantic in a witty way. But he also has shown some vulnerability in his music. For example, his song “Ugly”….. and his recently released song “Momma Don’t Cry”.

In March of 2018, Ted was announced as the newest member of H1GHR Music and was able to tour with Jay Park and company. More recently I was able to see Ted perform live because he opened for BewhY in February!

I don’t understand why Ted’s numbers aren’t higher! As a member of Jay Park’s label, you would think that more people would know about him. TBH I personally think that H1ghr needs to do a better job promoting him. I understand that there are many other artists under the label but I think that Ted is being swept under the rug.

In the past 3 months, Ted has dropped 4 singles (“Old Days”, “Break Us Down”, “Back Back Back” and “Momma Don’t Cry)….but neither of them we’re PROPERLY promoted on the H1GHR Music Instagram page! Hmm….. But when pH-1 (no shade at pH-1, I love him lol) EXHALESSS, it’s promoted all over their social media. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there’s some technicalities with regards to branding and production that I am unaware of. Or maybe Ted’s style is just different from the other members in the label. But still…MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

Despite all of this, Ted is such a down-to-earth, humble guy. He recently has been hosting a talent show on his Instagram, and featured his fans in the music video for “Break Us Down”. I’m currently working on getting him to answer some interview questions for my blog! Go check out his music on Youtube (links will be at the bottom of this post). His views should be way higher than what they are currently. (He dropped “Momma Don’t Cry” on Mother’s day, and it currently only has 4k views….) #slepton

There isn’t much else that I can say about Ted Park. I know that in the future all of his grinding and hard work will pay off.

Until next time, From Kadraya With Love.

Check Out The Songs Mentioned in this Post:


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