I’m going to start this post off by saying that the answer’s this artist gave to my interview questions are hands down my favorite so far. Meet DNYDK!

DNYDK is a 21 year old Korean singer/songwriter/producer. His English name is Danny and DYK are his Korean name initials. He is the leader of the LVRSZ crew, which is an abbreviation of his motto “Love Oversized”.

I recently discovered DNYDK’s music via Spotify. A few month’s ago I was scrolling through my “Spotify Weekly Recommendations” playlist, and stumbled across his song “hawaii in seoul”. The song is so beautiful! So of course it was another case of “love at first listen”. After listening to the rest of his “LOVERS EYES” album, I decided to look him up on social media, and that’s where I found him and his crew.

I think that DNYDK is another unique artist. His voice, sound and style are completely different from the music I usually listen to. His music has range. He can deliver soul and r&b vibes, but also hip-hop too. His voice is deep and silky. SWOOON!

My Favorite Songs :

  • “hawaii in seoul”
  • “섬” (from soundcloud)
  • “oui oui we”
  • “Pass Seat”

Scrolling through his Soundcloud, there are a lot of songs of various styles and also some covers. His discography isn’t expansive yet. But I do HIGHLY recommend that you check out his music and his crew LVRSZ’s music as well. I’m very excited to see their growth overtime.

Not only is Danny very talented, he is also super nice. When I reached out to him, without hesitation he agreed to answer some interview questions for this blog post. He was super professional and even personally sent me the photos and logos to include in this post. I appreciate his professionalism. Now let’s get into the interview!

Question 1: When and why did you start making music?

Back in my young days like (when I was) 11-12 years old, I had asthma and I couldn’t play sports or (participate in) some activity type stuff. So I had to stay home. But I (also) really stink at playing video games. That gave me a lot of time to listen to music and record or play it… That part of my life has become larger and larger now that I am taking it seriously.

I find it funny that he mentioned that he sucks at playing video games. Growing up, I was also a “stuck inside asthmatic” that sucked at video games. But I decided to write and become a fangirl.

Question 2: Who or what inspires you as a musician?

(Other) musicians and artists inspire me the most. Beautiful tracks and awesome pieces of art make me want to really do something. Art is spontaneous. Things are poppin’ in my head.

I love artists who support other artists.

Question 3: Using 3 words, describe yourself and why?

Love, dog, idealist. Love is the greatest value of all. Everything’s love. Why, where, how, when, who and what are determined by love. Dog…I sometimes feel like I am a dog. At times I wish I were a dog. Idealist…I am a huge idealist. I get ideas after ideas and try to drag them into reality…

Question 4: Out of all of your music, which is your favorite and why?

“hawaii in seoul”. My dream is inside (of) it. My soul is in it. This track is like a tattoo. Tatted inside my mind. The words are from my soul. That is the only way that I can explain it.

I promise you guys that this is exactly what I felt as I listened to that song for the first time. His soul.

Question 5: Have you had any setbacks during your career? What helped you to get through them?

Almost in every season I go through setbacks. Creating is a tough job. Maybe ‘cause I have a huge dream or maybe ‘cause I overthink. I travel to the highs and lows of my future. And the depression comes like a flu. But it’s always love that let’s me jump out of the door from depression. Love and meditation.

It’s always eye opening to hear about musicians and their struggles. Everyone has their own way of dealing with setbacks. But in his case, the end product is expiated into his music.

Question 6: If you could collab with any artist/musician, who would you pick?

Daniel Caesar. His melodies are aesthetic and the arrangements are sick.

I couldn’t agree more. Daniel Caesar is so talented, and I think that DNYDK’s voice has a similar color to Daniel’s.

Question 7: What is one thing that makes you different from other artists?

My voice color. You wouldn’t hear the same or similar.

He’s right. His voice is very unique!

Question 8: Which of your songs would you recommend to someone who has never listened to your music before and why?

Try “oui oui we”! Lots of my friends love it. If you have time, listen to my “LOVER’S EYES” album. That is my mini-me.

And there ya go! DNYDK is all about pouring himself into the music that he releases so go check him out. At the end of the day, it isn’t about finding artists with a big following or lots of “clout”. It’s about appreciating genuinely talented people and sharing their creation with others! All of the links to the songs mentioned in this blog post can be found below. Until next time…

From Kadraya, With Love


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2 thoughts on “DNYDK

  1. Oh my bug! Thank you for putting something out there giving insight on this young man. He is truly something special. I’m not familiar with alot of the newer music, but my niece has opened my eyes to Kpop. I came across this song ” hawaii in seoul” by DNYDK and OH MY GOODNESS, I COULD’VE SWORN I WAS PREGNANT AFTER LISTENING TO HIS VOICE ON THAT SONG!!! (😆 🤣) His voice is like BUTTA BABY!! Danny boy,you have a FAN over here in SAN ANTONIO, TX-USA Keep up the good music Danny Boy, Love ya! 😘 Always Hootie Hoo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you discovered DNYDK! He is definitely slept on and needs more attention! “hawaii in seoul” was also the song that snatched me. He is such a kind soul and it was a pleasure working with him to do this blog post.


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