In the spirit of talking about concerts that Rona’ has cancelled, let me tell ya’ll about one of the concerts I was able to attend this year. But first let me introduce….BewhY!

If you’re into Korean Hip-Hop, you probably have heard about this man since he not only won SMTM season 5 but was also a producer on SMTM season 8. However I’ve noticed that a lot of people, despite knowing of BewhY, don’t actually listen to his music!

Personally, I do admit that his flow and style are totally different from any other rapper that’s killing it in the k-hip hop scene right now.

A brief bio: BewhY is a 26 year old (born June 15, 1993) rapper and producer under the label Dejavu Group. He debuted in 2014. He’s also high school friends with the rapper C-Jamm. All of their collab songs are FIRE!

It is very hard to narrow down my Top 5 BewhY songs because his entire discography is captivating. His SMTM songs, and other collabs are all AMAZING. After seeing him perform hits from “The Blind Star” and “The Movie Star” albums live…gurl idk what to tell you. Go listen to all of his albums. Each album was crafted in a way to tell a story. His flow, the music videos, his wardrobe…it’s all so cinematic!

Top 5 BewhY songs

  • 9ucci Bank
  • Dejavu
  • Gottasadae
  • Bichael Yackson
  • Basically the whole “The Movie Star” album

So in February, BewhY came to NYC on his Movie Star Tour, and performed at Mission Night Club. I had VVIP tickets so I took a photo with him, got his autograph and was able to stand at the stage during the concert.

His stage presence was breath-taking, and his commentary throughout the concert was hilarious. When it was my time to take a photo with him and get his autograph, I told him my name, “Kadraya”, and I spelled it out like “K as in kangaroo…A as in apple….D as in dog…”, but he put a “V” instead lol. So if BewhY says my name is Kavraya…it’s Kavraya!

At some point during the concert, it was super hot in the venue, and he kept spraying the audience with water, until one fan yelled out “don’t spray us with water, give us water”. He then proceeded to start throwing bottles of water into the audience. I KID YOU NOT..he pointed right at me and was like “Are you thirsty?” SIS..He threw the bottle of water at me and I caught it. He then said “Please share, sharing is caring”…

COME ON BEWHY! After having a connection with me, what makes you think that I wanted to share my Be-water with some stranger next to me. But of course I listened and let the girl next to me have some. She had the audacity to gulp down 75% of the water. I was PRESSED…but at least I can forever live with the memory of BewhY caring about my hydration.

Okay, back on topic. The concert was great. He went through his “The Movie Star” and “The Blind Star” albums and even performed some SMTM songs including “SUPERBEWHY”, “Day Day” and “Who You” (which is my fav BewhY collab song).

Do y’all see THE WAY HE POINTED AT ME! We had a moment

If you are a person that is more into lyrics than beats, or of you favor old school or alternative hip-hop, then BewhY is the perfect artist for you. I wouldn’t say that his songs are “catchy”. They are meaningful (“9ucci Bank” is a banger though).

BewhY’s most recent single “Neo Christian Flow” ft Simba Ziwaldi serves a completely different vibe in my opinion. The release of this single feels like he’s turning the leaf, opening a new book. Kind of like when Rich Brian decided that he no longer wanted to be known as Rich Chigga (ya’ll didn’t know that I was the queen of analogies eh).

BewhY has always been very openly religious, mentioning Christianity a lot. But the lyrics to the song (“Neo-Christian Flow”) are basically about not being afraid to talk about his Christianity and being bold about one’s faith.

So basically, despite BewhY’s fame and success, I can see why his music doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. I’m not saying that BewhY takes you to church in all of his songs or that his music is the Korean equivalent to Hillsong. I’m just emphasizing that he’s very unique, and that it takes time for his music to grow on you. At the end of the day, don’t knock it, till’ you try it! Until next time…

From Kadraya, With Love.


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