To kick off the “From My Ears to Yours” series, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite Korean rapper. This is the man, the legend…Changmo, Gu Changmo ( 구창모).

I’m mainly experiencing pre-concert depression thinking about how COVID-19 ruined my chances of seeing him LIVE for the first time. Literally on the Friday that I was supposed to meet him (ya girl had VIP tickets which meant a photo and meet and greet along with standing near the stage) the mayor of NY decided to ban and cancel all large public gatherings because of COVID-19. HOURSSSSSS BEFORE I WAS GOING TO EXPERIENCE CHANGMO LIVE! *sad girl hours*

The fact that I was given a refund for my ticket instead of the concert being postponed, makes it sink in further that I won’t be getting the opportunity to see him live again ANY TIME SOON. So I’ll just be over here in my BAG for the rest of my life TBH. All I can do is play his music on repeat and think about how amazing his live performance WOULD have been…*SIGH* Moving on…..

The first time I heard his music was during my senior year of high school. 2016 to be exact. I stumbled across his song “Maestro” somewhere in the depths of Stan Twitter. I was already snatched by him playing piano in the beginning because at the time I was a piano nerd. I played everyday. So the fact that he was playing piano hooked me. But then when he started spitting bars instead of singing like I was expecting him to….gurl I got reeled in.

Go check out both of his Mic Swagger videos on YouTube!

Just a little bio; He is a 25 year old (born May 31, 1994) who entered the underground k-hip hop scene with his first single and mixtape in 2014 and debuted in October of 2016 with his first album “MOTOWN”. He also joined Illionaire Ambition Musik that same month. He was briefly a contestant on Show Me The Money 3, and was later invited back as a producer on Show Me The Money 777 (THE ULTIMATE GLOW UP!)

Follow Changmo on Instagram (even though he occasionally deactivates it and abandons us….)

There’s just something about Changmo’s flow that is addicting. Not only is he an amazing rapper, he is also very good at composing and singing. Clearly the man is talented because he got signed to Illionaire Ambition, alongside such great artists as Dok2, Beenzino and The Quiett. I STAN A VERSATILE KING! He can go from playing piano, to rapping, to serenading us! That’s why he can rightfully refer to himself as the “Underground Rockstar”!

My top 5 Changmo songs are:

  • BAND
  • Selfmade Orange
  • Maestro
  • 돈이 하게 했어
  • Wish
  • I know I said TOP 5… but the whole “DBSG3” album needs to be RECOGNIZED! PERIOD.

BAND is one of Changmo’s many “break ya back” songs. It came out in 2019, and features members of his fellow Illionaire Ambition crew; Hash Swan, Keem Hyo Eun, and Ash Island. It’s a flex song and a head banger. Whenever I want to put a hip-hop fan on to Changmo, I usually recommend this song or Selfmade Orange.

Selfmade Orange is a song about his come up. Every rapper has a “started from the bottom” story and that is what the song is about. Superbee features on the track and DELIVERS as well. (Superbee recently dropped “Selfmade Orange 2 ft Changmo and Paul Blanco and sis, it’s a bop too!)

Go check out the “Meteor” MV!

“Wish” and “Meteor” are songs on Changmo’s most recent album. They have pop-rap vibes. The MV for “Meteor” really showcases Changmo’s “carefree” spirit.

Honestly the WHOLE “Boyhood” album is a masterpiece. He has some of the best features, including Chung-Ha, Paul Blanco, Okasian, Uneducated Kid, and Hash Swan).

*swoons* Do ya’ll hear the man?!?!?

Long story short, taking a trip through Changmo’s entire discography, I’ve realized that there is not a single song by him or featuring him that I don’t like! If you want to look into him more, watch SMTM 777 where he teams up with The Quiet as a producer, and honestly, their team was the best team that season.

So while I sit in a corner, in my bag, mourning the catastrophe heaped upon me and my fellow changmo fans that were anticipating his concert, you should go binge through his YouTube videos. Warning, you WILL become a fan. Until next time,

From Kadraya With Love.

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