9.5/10 stars. Ya girl was SNATCHED!

The only thing preventing this drama from having a perfect 10 is the ending’s cliffhanger and the uncertainty of whether or not we are going to get a second season! My little brother (Hi Joel!) who doesn’t usually like watching K-dramas with me, was equally as impressed and is also eagerly anticipating a second season.

Vagabond had a little bit of everything in it. There was tragedy, action, romance, scandal, and more action! Not only was I crying (I’m sure by now ya’ll can tell that I’m very emotional…I’m ALWAYS crying), but I actually enjoyed the suspenseful action/combat scenes, and the ongoing mystery.

This drama’s plot begins with a seemingly innocent plane crash that takes the lives of 211 innocent victims, including the young nephew of our main character. However, everything takes a left turn when we find out this plane crash might not just be a tragic accident. Gurl, I smelled something fishy FROM THE BEGINNING….a whole terrorist attack sis! A planned TERRORIST attack.

So the whole drama basically consists of our male lead trying to solve the mystery behind the death of his nephew which ends up pulling back the curtain on a whole slew of corruption. He is accompanied by a NIS Agent, who at the beginning of the drama was being looked down on by her superiors for not being the most “capable” agent.

All I have to say is that you’ll get caught up trying to figure out who to trust, while also having to continue to wipe tears from your eyes because of the weeping families that are trying to find out what happened to their loved ones and why. You’ll be hooked to the screen as you try to keep up with the constant betrayal and lies within the NIS agency, and that feeling of emotional constepation when you think we are about to snag the bad guy and then we are given another pertinent clue that throws everything off.

Now let’s talk about the real tea. THE ACTION SCENES ARE EVERYTHING THAT I SIGNED UP FOR! Lee Seungi was definitely who we needed to play the role of our lead male. The tattoos, the muscles, the ninja moves. The main character was a retired stunt double, so of course when it was time to apply those skills to his life which suddenly became a live action spy movie, HE WAS READYYYYY.

As for our female lead, in the beginning….I wasn’t really too enthralled by her performance. Maybe it’s just me being biased. I CAN’T STAND Suzy as an actress! I’ve seen her as a lead in “Uncontrollably Fond” and “While You Were Sleeping”….and nope. Not a fan. She always seems either overly dramatic or underwhelmed. However, after the first few episodes, I can honestly say that her character grew on me. She goes from an incompetent agent to a powerful heroin, and I have to admit ladies and gents that I low-key became a Suzy fan by the end of the drama (This does not change the fact that her acting SUCKED in the 2 above mentioned dramas).

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t said anything about the ship yet. That’s because I think that Vagabond is a pretty solid drama and even though Seungi and Suzy do become romantically involved….it’s not necessarily the FOCUS of the drama. But I have to say that their chemistry was very cute, and the amount of embarrassing “OOF” moments that happen between the two, definitely add to the dramas enjoyability. Even without the romance I know the drama would still pass with flying colors for me.

This is one of my fav scenes! Like girl OOF *credit to @TheSwoon on YouTube and Instagram for the video*

Long story short, Vagabond takes you on emotional rollercoaster. One where you don’t know who to trust and your’e eager to find out the truth. This drama gives me James Bond vibes and both the male and female leads deliver powerfully. GO watch it NOW! And when you finish, let’s join hands and pray for a Season 2 that won’t suck. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about Vagabond (if you’ve already seen it, if you’re currently watching….if you also don’t like Suzy’s acting!) Until next time

From Kadraya, With Love


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