Crash Landing on You

*This post contains some spoilers. Reader’s discretion is advised*

When I first saw the trailer for this drama, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it because it seemed too cheesy. Son Ye Jin (Seri) literally “crash landed” into the arms of Hyun Bin (Jung Hyuk). I was sitting there watching the trailer like “huh…”. But of course, I had to watch because Hyun Bin was in it, and I am not one to pass up on romance and eye candy.

All I have to say is that I definitely DO NOT regret watching CLOY. It surpassed hundreds of k-dramas that I’ve watched, and “landed”(get it? *giggles at my own joke*) itself on my list of top 5 all time favorite dramas.

First, the plot, even though overly dramatic and super cheesy sometimes, was something that I never have experience before. This wasn’t your typical rich CEO and poor girl Cinderella type drama. It wasn’t a “boy next door” type drama either. The main character literally ended up in North Korea and had to figure out how to make it back to South Korea alive. Along the way she found love, and made lasting friendships.

Of course, Hyun Bin delivered well, as expected. So did Seo Ye Jin. The chemistry between them was inevitable. I high-key ship them in real life after watching CLOY. Hyun Bin’s character was depicted as serious and stiff, like a brick wall. But all of that was flipped when Ye Jin’s character was added to the picture. Seeing them fall in love hit me right in the heart (*cries in singleness*)

We all have that scene in a drama where you have to pause, then scream, then cry, then fangirl, then rewind and play it again.

This…this is that scene for me.

I probably cried almost every episode of this drama. I was crying either because of devastation, or simply because a scene was so cute that I had to get emotional. Not only does the main couple in the drama deliver an amazing performance, you also can’t help but fall in love with the side ship, and the supporting cast.

Let’s be completely honest….. we all HATED her guts when we first met her. Seo Ji Hye (Seo Dan) did such a great job playing this drama’s resident STANK SIDE CHICK. But admittedly, half way through the drama, she grew on me. I even cried when she found love….and when her love…died… Just thinking about it KILLS me.

The drama does shine light on the political tension between North and South Korea, and the differences between both countries. But it touches on it lightly and delivers in a nonchalant way.

EVERY.SINGLE.SCENE that had Kim Young Min (Man Bok) in it, either made me cry my eyes out or say “awww” and audibly sigh. Honestly, he was my favorite character in the whole drama. I wanted to protect him at all costs.

Even if cheesy romance is not your cup of tea, I think that you’d still love this drama. Granted, the first 2 episodes are pretty slow. But once the plot picks up..BOOM, you’re hooked. Imagine how PRESSED I was as I waited to watch the new episodes each week. But it was always worth the wait.


And if you have already watched the drama, let me know how you felt while watching it. Leave a comment. Let’s expiate our heartbreak together. Until next time…

From Kadraya, With Love.


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