Snatched or Skipped?

Korean entertainment has become the buzz in pop culture recently. I’m sure that at this point every one has seen at least one Korean drama, or movie. If not, I’m impressed.

Personally, I’ve been hooked on Korean and Chinese dramas and movies since 2015. And boy have I compiled a watch list. I’ve seen 100+ Korean dramas and 50+ Chinese/Taiwanese dramas, and I fully intend to continue adding to that list.

So I thought this would be the perfect place to rant, swoon, and bawl about dramas, from one fan-girl to another. I’l let you know if the show is worth watching or not because trust me, I’ve seen a plethora of “eh” and “oof” dramas. So if it was very good and snatched me (and my wig) I’ll let you know.

So here’s Snatched or Skipped!

From Kadraya, With Love.

Published by fromkadraya

22. Brooklyn Raised. Self Proclaimed Professional Fangirl.

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