So this guy, he’s different. He’s not your typical rapper. The man is a living meme, and everything he puts out is always a BANGERRRRR


Credit to @frecolama on Instagram for the photo!

I haven’t been a fan of his for long. I first heard about him in February when he opened for #BEWHYTOUR in NYC. Even though I didn’t know any of the words to his songs, his stage presence was enough! He was litt the whole time. He literally yelled and jumped through his whole set list. Plus, the hoodie and shades he had on were FIRE!

Peep the drip!

He walked out on the stage like “My name is Swimcoach. Ya’ll probably don’t even know me, but after tonight you will!” And yup, he was right. I had to find him on Instagram right after the concert.

He is another humble, chill artist. I joined one of his instagram lives, and he legit cash app-ed this dude $200 to shave off his eyebrows and mustache. WILD, I know! That’s definitely the content I signed up for lol. Swimcoach is a character, and if your’e looking for music to vibe or break your neck to….he has it.

After hearing it live, “Runaway” became my favorite song, but he has many other gems, including “Prolly ft Rekstizzy.”

When I reached out to him on Instagram, he agreed (and I was surprised) to answer my questions and be on my blog. So here’s the tea!

Question 1: Where are you from?

“I was born and raised in LA, and I’m Korean-American.”

Question 2: When and why/how did you get into music?

“Started music when I was 19, in my room, when I was introduced to SoundCloud. It was a spontaneous activity. I decided to pick up my earphone mic and use Stock autotune to write on free YouTube type beats.”

Question 3: What/who inspires you as an artist?

“Seeing other artists be independent and do big things gives me a lot of motivation to get out of bed and start writing. Feedback is something I always look for from fans. But, mainly the ability to succeed off doing the things I love is inspirational.“

Question 4: Using 3 words, describe yourself as an artist and why?

“Loud, subtle, and supportive. As a performer, I find it easier when I become and exaggerated version of myself. So I just try to be as loud as possible. In terms of my style and behavior most days, I try to be subtle with everything. Things that people won’t really catch unless they look at it a second time through. Lastly, I enjoy helping and supporting people regardless if they are doing well or not. Just positive energy…”

Question 5: Out of all of your music, what is your favorite song and why?

“My favorite song is “Heal America”. I like the songs that get the least love.”

And there ya have it! Swimcoach loves his fans and supporting fellow artists. I’m looking forward to his come up, and I’m ready for his next banger to drop!

In the meantime, check out his latest song “WiFi in My Cabin” on YouTube and SoundCloud. Follow him on Instagram too, and tune in to his lives, they’re always hilarious.

From Kadraya, With Love.


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23. Brooklyn Raised. Self Proclaimed Professional Fangirl. Avid Korean-Hiphop Enthusiast. Pretty Decent Chef/ Mac and Cheese Connoisseur. Bestie Vibes.

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