About Me

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Kadraya. I’m your average 22 year old, living in Brooklyn. I enjoy listening to music, reading, drama binge-ing, cooking, and studying. I decided to start this blog in order to share my hobbies with you, the audience. Let’s laugh, cry, eat, study and fangirl (or boy) together.

I decided to name this blog “From Kadraya, With Love”, so that when you read my posts, it feels like a letter from a close friend. That feeling of warmth and ingenuity you get when you open a letter. Each category/page is named in a way that reflects my personality and spontaneity.

I will be sharing my favorite artists with you, through either song recommendations or interviews. I’ll also be telling you about my concert experiences!

If you enjoy watching Korean and Chinese dramas, this is the place for you! I’ll be spilling all the tea about my favorite shows that I’ve already watched, and the ones I’m currently watching.

My friend Trishon and I enjoy cooking, and will be sharing our favorite munch worthy recipes

Lastly, I’ve been studying Korean for the past few years and wanted to share some very helpful tricks, tips, and resources. I’ll tell you all the things that I wish someone told me when I first started learning Korean. Even if that’s not your target language, studying is universal so hopefully you’ll find something that will be helpful to you.

Thanks, for tuning in and enjoy your visit.

From Kadraya, with love

Published by fromkadraya

22. Brooklyn Raised. Self Proclaimed Professional Fangirl.

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