Featured Drama: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Who isn’t in love with Attorney Woo right now? COMING SOON (Post Date 08/03)

Featured News: SMTM 11 Producer Line Up

Changmo is back with a new album! Let’s talk about it… COMING SOON (Post Date: 08/03)

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Ted Park

You guys know that I always show love to artists who in my opinion are getting SLEPT ON! Ted Park, is one of them for sure. Let me put ya’ll on. So Ted Park is a 25 year old (born December 4, 1994) Wisconsin born, Korean-American rapper and singer. Many people are completely unaware of…

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To kick off the “From My Ears to Yours” series, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite Korean rapper. This is the man, the legend…Changmo, Gu Changmo ( 구창모). I’m mainly experiencing pre-concert depression thinking about how COVID-19 ruined my chances of seeing him LIVE for the first time. Literally on the Friday that I…

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Rainy Day Cinnamon Rolls

We all have an undeniable sweet tooth! Who can resist the lure of a freshly baked and iced cinnamon roll! I bet we all can agree that the best part of a cinnamon roll is the center. Hands-down! These rolls are the perfect rainy-day recipe. The recipe is easy to follow, but very time consuming.…

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